I have so many pets!!


This is Mose. My old cat. As in this pictures he is a lazy cat!! He always wants to get in my house!! 


This is angle. She has been threw so much. Once she must of been obused and she was mean & scared of us now she is nice though.  She is blind & deaf so once she got ran over on her tail.  she could not hear the car so she did not know it was coming.  her and mose are married but can not have kids because mose is fixed.


This is Ray he is are little baby he was born and raised here.  He loves to nap and he gives us many "presents".  He also does not mind wearing doll clothes.

Toosie & Cupcake

This is toosie  and cupcake.  They are so funny!  Cupcake eats way too much!! 


This is izzy. He is a long tailed lizard and he eates bugs!


This is bubbles my hamster!


This is houdini my sisters hamster!  He likes to try to excape!